Why visit Russia this year?

Summer is the best season to visit Russia. Or do you want to feel the snow-covered landscapes and snowy mountains? Russia is surely just a place to visit in summer only, as winters can get as low as -40 in Russian remote places. However, Russia is too warm in summer and it is the best time to visit the Russian cities like Moscow and St Petersburg. Russia is very famous for its palaces, gardens, parks and art galleries.

In all our life we have taken Russians as our enemies. But in fact, Russians are known to be serious arts and crafts lovers with tens of Museums and art galleries to visit in each city.

During mid-summer in the northern city of St Petersburg there is no real darkness and this wonderful phenomenon is known as ‘the white nights’. Simultaneously you can also enjoy the great traditional cultures of Russian emperors and rulers in a go.

It may seem hard to enter Russia from America if you watch too much news. But in fact, Russia is a very peaceful and friendly country which you can easily travel this year by going in to the Russian embassy and asking them for the procedure to get your visa.

Moreover, your main reason to visit Russia could be football too. As you may know that Russia is hosting FIFA World cup 2018 in June. So, this is the best chance to visit this amazing country this year.

But if you are a cold weather lover, Siberia of Russia is for you. Siberia is well known for its bitter cold weather even in summers. You may find frosty monuments, wintery colored flowers and windless everywhere in Siberia.
Russia is big, diverse & awe-inspiring. Explore its vastness and striking beauty.

For art lovers, the below gives places are the best places to visit in Russia if you love art and history (who doesn’t?).

Russian Orthodox Church

This powerful church goes back to the tsarist era which ruled the country for many years. This place has a lot of religious history yet to be explored and a must see for any ancient history lover. Another well-known religious history place is the Kazan Cathedral located ib St. Petersburg where you may find breathtaking literature and scenic views.


This is a very famous place and you might have heard of Kremlin in many movies. This place is a powerful fortified complex with a very nice view and long pillared buildings. You can reach this place from anywhere in Moscow in minutes as the place is situated in the middle of the city. Kremlin came into power after Soviet Union made Moscow its capital in 1918 and soon Kremlin caught attention of travelers worldwide.


Sochi is one of the finest cities in Russia and this urbanely developed city was a host of Winter Olympics in 2014 and will also be a host of FIFA world cup 2018. The place is full of beach, lakes and the great black sea. It is a fact that this city is very romantic, and people are very friendly. You may find good quality traditional Russian food along with local beer and beverages in cheap from anywhere in Sochi.


This grand city is the capital of Russia and is a important city. Not only because of its political power, but the population of more than 14 million people and its love for art. The city is always clean and very secure due to be the capital of Russia.

These were the places that you may want to visit in Russia this year. Feel free to let us know if you know any other place that you loved when visiting Russia with your friends or family.