The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Frankfurt

Frankfurt or also known as Mainhattan, a lively German city known best for its banks of the River Main, its humungous airport and having one of the most impressive skylines in all Europe. But the city has a lot more to offer than just an epic panoramic sunset view.

In contrast to your typical German city of wood and stone, Frankfurt is a modern metropolis booming with business, covered with museums and sparkling with nightlife. It’s called Frankfurt am Main or Frankfurt on the river Main and voted as the one of the top ten most livable cities in the world. It has a surprising amount of charm, green space and history tucked in between its towering skyscrapers. It’s also home to Europe’s third largest and one of the busiest airports in the world, FRA. People quite often find themselves here wanting to explore the seamless layers of fun activities such as the finest spas, hot baths, restaurants and shopping centers of the city.

Most of the Frankfurt can be travelled easily through the tram, it is more accessible and economic and you can walk or cycle to places easily. Plus, with the train you get to enjoy the scenic view from the window but do get prepared to walk much. From the sky bar on the roof of Galeria Kaufhof you can see the first magnificent skyline view of the city, the skyline seems more American than European. Most of the main sites are located close to each other making it a perfect weekend city getaway. Frankfurt’s vigor and tradition is best demonstrated in its splendid architecture. The An der Hauptwache standing in the center of the city was completely destroyed among other prominent structures during the Second World War but later rebuilt to its original form. Frankfurt was once, one of the most remarkable medieval European center still nurtures its proud heritage through restoration projects.

Walk on the Eisener Steg, the city’s beloved pedestrian bridge into Frankfurt’s ancient heart, the Romberg. Since the 9th Century this square has seen from fairs, tournaments, firestorms and coronations to even executions. Everywhere across the streets you encounter Frankfurt’s iconic half-timbered houses. Whichever direction you seek on the streets of the city, you will keep stumbling on its historic treasures. Kaiserdom is the imperial cathedral of the German city, erect in all its red-sandstone and golden glory, a stunning specimen of ancient architecture. North of the Hauptwache, people go to admire the symphonic curves of the Frankfurt’s historic opera house or step into the future by visiting the German Fifth Avenue, the Zeil.

Just a few blocks away from the clustered monuments is the perplexing complex of modern art the MMK; a triangular gallery designed as a “slice of cake”. Many history buffs also love to visit the Historical Museum down the river where the chronicles of Frankfurt unfolds in the form of antique charms, trinkets, books and paintings. Frankfurt was also the home to many illustrious figures like Eisheimer, the Goethe Family, Passavant and Henry Nestle.