Top ways to save money on your cruise

Tensed where to spend your vacations? Cruising on the open sea can be a great way to spend a vacation. To find a good cruise fare is really pretty simple these days as there are lots of cruise travel agencies and you can also get portfolios of different cruise lines.

In spite of the possible cruise discounts you may also keep in mind some important tips to avoid any unwanted expenses and money sucking traps to save money on your cruise.

  1. Don’t use Ship to shore phones

It is natural that anyone gets home sick if he comes to some new place and to remove this home sickness ship to shore phones are available but one thing you must know is that these calls are s expensive about $15/ min. Enough to disturb your budget. So you must avoid extra calls to save money on your cruise.

  1. Avoid Using the Cruise offered Shore Excursions

One more way to save money on your cruise is to do some research and find some excursions packages yourself instead asking the excursion companies as they will tell you about the expensive ones and they know very well how to convince any customer. But by doing this you will avoid many unwanted costs and still will be able to enjoy your trip.

  1. Take advantage of Discounts

If you ask for a discount may be you get one and can save money on your cruise as many cruise lines offer special discounts for military personnel’s, senior citizens, groups, medical emergency technicians, public safety rates for firemen etc.

  1. Book a cruise while on a cruise

You can save a handsome amount of money by booking your next cruise while already on the present cruise and this will also be a profitable deal as you will save money on your cruise n doubt the next one but the key point is you saved money.

  1. Capitalize on Off – Peak hours

Go the spa when the ship is on shore and by which you will be able to get about 50 % discounts on spa and this is no doubt a good deal to save money on your cruise.

  1. Comparison shop while in Port

When on ports cruise line may recommend you some better shops but you must check the other shops as these so called recommended shops are mostly expensive and benefit the cruise line more than they benefit you. And if you listen to the cruise line you will lose the chance to save money on your cruise.

  1. Do not be afraid to bargain

If you belong to a decent family this does not mean that you will not bargain with anyone. If you are on a cruise you must learn to bargain on different things as the amounts are usually higher than the normal rates and you can get discounts by bargaining.


These were the best 7 tips and ways to save money on your cruise travel. Remember, never be afraid of anything. Cruises are expensive, but your bargaining power can make them extraordinary cheap and enjoyable.