Paris welcomes approximately fifteen million people into its capital every year, and this makes it be among the popular tourist destinations around the globe due to its culture, art, and history. There are places to go, art galleries, museums, top attractions and things to do thereby making the place a very convenient place to visit at any time of the year. The city is synonymous with different art designs with sleek art galleries that showcase best masterpieces from all over the world. These improvised designs have made it be called the city of lights.

Eiffel Tower

It is one of the most visited towers in Paris. This structure was designed and constructed in 1889 by Gustav Eiffel to transmit communication. This 984-foot structure was regarded to be the tallest monument for over forty years. The original intention of it was to help in French revolution then after that to be demolished, but it was left standing up to date.  Tourists take the elevator to the top of the tower in order to be treated with a vast panoramic view of the city.

Notre-Dame Cathedral

Notre-Dame Cathedral is also viewed as another Parisian icon just like the Eiffel tower. It is located along the Picturesque River Seine and still considered as another gothic masterpiece. The structure was initially built over two thousand years ago and is still standing until now. The Cathedral is known for its large bell towers, and the stained-glass rose windows. Besides being termed as a landmark, Notre Dame Cathedral is still conducting all regularly scheduled masses.


The Champ-Elysees is Located in the central part of Paris along the longest street and is known for movie theaters, shopping paradise, and reputable restaurants. This Central part of Parisian life hosts high-end retail shops and many boutiques where a buyer can do window shopping any time during the day or night. Champ-Elysees is also used as a parade route when holiday festivals are being conducted in Paris.


As it is located on the Northern Parisian hilltop, the neighborhood region of Montmartre remains to be a quintessential destination in Paris. This is a home to Sacre Coeur Cathedral which offers the city views that are surpassed by the Eiffel Tower. This area rose to prominence as a colony of artists in the 19th Century as a result of artistic movements of impressionism and modernism which was championed by the residents. Due to that, Montmartre has retained most of its traditions and charms and has helped to cater for tourists needs