Interesting places in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful city in California, USA. The city is a hilly city on the top of a peninsula that is protected by the Pacific Ocean and the Bay of San Francisco from all sides. The city is very famous for its scenic skyscrapers, amazing colorful houses and the Golden Gate Bridge, which is also known to be the one of the most famous bridges on this planet and manages to impress the mob since years. More than 200,000 cars cross this bridge each day and a pedestrian walking area is also available on the side, for early risers and regular walkers. For photography lovers, The Golden Gate Bridge is a must thing to see in your life before you die.

Moreover, riding a cable car in San Francisco is a famous means of transport for the people of this city since the 18th century. The cable runs from many different routes and you can ride this cable car in as low as $7. The cable car passes from one of the most beautiful mountains on earth in the area and feels a great thrill and excitement. For thrilling travelers, riding a Cable Car is San Francisco is a must thing to do.

One other famous places in the middle of San Francisco Bay is the Alcatraz prison, which is one of the most secure prison on Earth. The prison has been featured in many movies and dramas and holds a record to hold the most notorious criminals and gang lords of America. Never an inmate has had a chance to escape this prison ever. A movie named “The Rock” showcased the entire Prison. The prison was closed in 1963 and since then the places has been open for visitors to watch the old rocks and buildings and grounds in the middle of the bay. To reach this place either you can book a private ship from the bay of San Francisco or you can book your tickets with Alcatraz Cruises, which is available from Pier 33 and reaches this island with more pleasure.

San Francisco is full of beach. One important beach to mention here is the North Beach, which is obviously located in the North of the city. It hosts many foreign restaurants, cafes, avenues and much more. This place even has spas, pubs and bars to facilitate the foreign visitors that land in this island city.

The last place to mention in the list of must see places in San Francisco is the Chinatown. Yes! The city has a Chinatown and can be explored on foot. The place is full of temples, attractions, small museums and ancient shops that sells antiques. The Chinatown is a must see for every traveler visiting San Francisco.