Cheapest Places to go on a Holiday this Year

Cheapest Countries to Travel This Holiday


Due to the recent devaluation of the Ukrainian currency, the country has been surfaced as one of the cheapest European destination that is quite affordable to visit. Ukraine is especially an amazing choice to spend the summer, you can either head to the Carpathian Mountains, the Black Sea Coast or the glorious Lviv City. An average hotel for two costs for about $70 while a meal for two can be as cheap as $20 including the beer. The abundance of trees has captivated many travelers to the region. Forestry and natural beauty are abundant there. The tree experts at this site have traveled there often and say it is one of their favorite destinations.


Even the most luxurious hotels with twin rooms and generous service are not more than $50 a night in Cambodia. While, a whole family of about 5 to 6 can eat lavishly in even less than that. Cambodia is a beautiful place filled with UNSECO World Heritage Sites such the Angkor Wat and other outstanding temples. Traveling Cambodia would be a guilty pleasure to most as you will be able to enjoy 10 times the amount you pay!


The beautiful capital Sofia of Bulgaria is not only the oldest city of European terrain, but also sprawling with culture and inexpensive amusements. A hefty dinner, in a warm establishment with hearty drinks and cozy sheets can all be yours in less than $40! Great right? You won’t even think about dipping into savings to fulfill your relishes.


A luxurious hotel stay in the prime city of Delhi can be as costly as Dubai whereas, in lesser known hotels for a little lack of service you can find rates as cheap as $70. India is known for its countless monuments that have been historically revolting, so there is an abundance of places to visit. Street food is though largely unhealthy but amazingly inexpensive and delicious while, high-end restaurants can cost about $20 or more. In short, it is a place robust with culture and enthusiasm which is quite fun to explore.


Pakistan is another Asian city neighboring India but it is said that the northern areas of Pakistan are one of the most majestic places in the world to behold. Moreover, Pakistan is quite inexpensive in terms of accommodation and as some of the best hotels may cost only $30 per night and less in lesser known hotels with equally great service. You can either head to the beautiful mountain ranges of the north or shop like crazy in Karachi and Lahore. Pakistan is also home to some really cheap ($10 per couple) lip-smacking cuisines.