Cheapest Places to go on a Holiday this Year

Cheapest Places to go on a Holiday this Year

Cheapest Countries to Travel This Holiday


Due to the recent devaluation of the Ukrainian currency, the country has been surfaced as one of the cheapest European destination that is quite affordable to visit. Ukraine is especially an amazing choice to spend the summer, you can either head to the Carpathian Mountains, the Black Sea Coast or the glorious Lviv City. An average hotel for two costs for about $70 while a meal for two can be as cheap as $20 including the beer. The abundance of trees has captivated many travelers to the region. Forestry and natural beauty are abundant there. The tree experts at this site have traveled there often and say it is one of their favorite destinations.


Even the most luxurious hotels with twin rooms and generous service are not more than $50 a night in Cambodia. While, a whole family of about 5 to 6 can eat lavishly in even less than that. Cambodia is a beautiful place filled with UNSECO World Heritage Sites such the Angkor Wat and other outstanding temples. Traveling Cambodia would be a guilty pleasure to most as you will be able to enjoy 10 times the amount you pay!


The beautiful capital Sofia of Bulgaria is not only the oldest city of European terrain, but also sprawling with culture and inexpensive amusements. A hefty dinner, in a warm establishment with hearty drinks and cozy sheets can all be yours in less than $40! Great right? You won’t even think about dipping into savings to fulfill your relishes.


A luxurious hotel stay in the prime city of Delhi can be as costly as Dubai whereas, in lesser known hotels for a little lack of service you can find rates as cheap as $70. India is known for its countless monuments that have been historically revolting, so there is an abundance of places to visit. Street food is though largely unhealthy but amazingly inexpensive and delicious while, high-end restaurants can cost about $20 or more. In short, it is a place robust with culture and enthusiasm which is quite fun to explore.


Pakistan is another Asian city neighboring India but it is said that the northern areas of Pakistan are one of the most majestic places in the world to behold. Moreover, Pakistan is quite inexpensive in terms of accommodation and as some of the best hotels may cost only $30 per night and less in lesser known hotels with equally great service. You can either head to the beautiful mountain ranges of the north or shop like crazy in Karachi and Lahore. Pakistan is also home to some really cheap ($10 per couple) lip-smacking cuisines.



Interesting places in San Francisco

Interesting places in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful city in California, USA. The city is a hilly city on the top of a peninsula that is protected by the Pacific Ocean and the Bay of San Francisco from all sides. The city is very famous for its scenic skyscrapers, amazing colorful houses and the Golden Gate Bridge, which is also known to be the one of the most famous bridges on this planet and manages to impress the mob since years. More than 200,000 cars cross this bridge each day and a pedestrian walking area is also available on the side, for early risers and regular walkers. For photography lovers, The Golden Gate Bridge is a must thing to see in your life before you die.

Moreover, riding a cable car in San Francisco is a famous means of transport for the people of this city since the 18th century. The cable runs from many different routes and you can ride this cable car in as low as $7. The cable car passes from one of the most beautiful mountains on earth in the area and feels a great thrill and excitement. For thrilling travelers, riding a Cable Car is San Francisco is a must thing to do.

One other famous places in the middle of San Francisco Bay is the Alcatraz prison, which is one of the most secure prison on Earth. The prison has been featured in many movies and dramas and holds a record to hold the most notorious criminals and gang lords of America. Never an inmate has had a chance to escape this prison ever. A movie named “The Rock” showcased the entire Prison. The prison was closed in 1963 and since then the places has been open for visitors to watch the old rocks and buildings and grounds in the middle of the bay. To reach this place either you can book a private ship from the bay of San Francisco or you can book your tickets with Alcatraz Cruises, which is available from Pier 33 and reaches this island with more pleasure.

San Francisco is full of beach. One important beach to mention here is the North Beach, which is obviously located in the North of the city. It hosts many foreign restaurants, cafes, avenues and much more. This place even has spas, pubs and bars to facilitate the foreign visitors that land in this island city.

The last place to mention in the list of must see places in San Francisco is the Chinatown. Yes! The city has a Chinatown and can be explored on foot. The place is full of temples, attractions, small museums and ancient shops that sells antiques. The Chinatown is a must see for every traveler visiting San Francisco.

Why visit Russia this year?

Why visit Russia this year?

Summer is the best season to visit Russia. Or do you want to feel the snow-covered landscapes and snowy mountains? Russia is surely just a place to visit in summer only, as winters can get as low as -40 in Russian remote places. However, Russia is too warm in summer and it is the best time to visit the Russian cities like Moscow and St Petersburg. Russia is very famous for its palaces, gardens, parks and art galleries.

In all our life we have taken Russians as our enemies. But in fact, Russians are known to be serious arts and crafts lovers with tens of Museums and art galleries to visit in each city.

During mid-summer in the northern city of St Petersburg there is no real darkness and this wonderful phenomenon is known as ‘the white nights’. Simultaneously you can also enjoy the great traditional cultures of Russian emperors and rulers in a go.

It may seem hard to enter Russia from America if you watch too much news. But in fact, Russia is a very peaceful and friendly country which you can easily travel this year by going in to the Russian embassy and asking them for the procedure to get your visa.

Moreover, your main reason to visit Russia could be football too. As you may know that Russia is hosting FIFA World cup 2018 in June. So, this is the best chance to visit this amazing country this year.

But if you are a cold weather lover, Siberia of Russia is for you. Siberia is well known for its bitter cold weather even in summers. You may find frosty monuments, wintery colored flowers and windless everywhere in Siberia.
Russia is big, diverse & awe-inspiring. Explore its vastness and striking beauty.

For art lovers, the below gives places are the best places to visit in Russia if you love art and history (who doesn’t?).

Russian Orthodox Church

This powerful church goes back to the tsarist era which ruled the country for many years. This place has a lot of religious history yet to be explored and a must see for any ancient history lover. Another well-known religious history place is the Kazan Cathedral located ib St. Petersburg where you may find breathtaking literature and scenic views.


This is a very famous place and you might have heard of Kremlin in many movies. This place is a powerful fortified complex with a very nice view and long pillared buildings. You can reach this place from anywhere in Moscow in minutes as the place is situated in the middle of the city. Kremlin came into power after Soviet Union made Moscow its capital in 1918 and soon Kremlin caught attention of travelers worldwide.


Sochi is one of the finest cities in Russia and this urbanely developed city was a host of Winter Olympics in 2014 and will also be a host of FIFA world cup 2018. The place is full of beach, lakes and the great black sea. It is a fact that this city is very romantic, and people are very friendly. You may find good quality traditional Russian food along with local beer and beverages in cheap from anywhere in Sochi.


This grand city is the capital of Russia and is a important city. Not only because of its political power, but the population of more than 14 million people and its love for art. The city is always clean and very secure due to be the capital of Russia.

These were the places that you may want to visit in Russia this year. Feel free to let us know if you know any other place that you loved when visiting Russia with your friends or family.



Paris welcomes approximately fifteen million people into its capital every year, and this makes it be among the popular tourist destinations around the globe due to its culture, art, and history. There are places to go, art galleries, museums, top attractions and things to do thereby making the place a very convenient place to visit at any time of the year. The city is synonymous with different art designs with sleek art galleries that showcase best masterpieces from all over the world. These improvised designs have made it be called the city of lights.

Eiffel Tower

It is one of the most visited towers in Paris. This structure was designed and constructed in 1889 by Gustav Eiffel to transmit communication. This 984-foot structure was regarded to be the tallest monument for over forty years. The original intention of it was to help in French revolution then after that to be demolished, but it was left standing up to date.  Tourists take the elevator to the top of the tower in order to be treated with a vast panoramic view of the city.

Notre-Dame Cathedral

Notre-Dame Cathedral is also viewed as another Parisian icon just like the Eiffel tower. It is located along the Picturesque River Seine and still considered as another gothic masterpiece. The structure was initially built over two thousand years ago and is still standing until now. The Cathedral is known for its large bell towers, and the stained-glass rose windows. Besides being termed as a landmark, Notre Dame Cathedral is still conducting all regularly scheduled masses.


The Champ-Elysees is Located in the central part of Paris along the longest street and is known for movie theaters, shopping paradise, and reputable restaurants. This Central part of Parisian life hosts high-end retail shops and many boutiques where a buyer can do window shopping any time during the day or night. Champ-Elysees is also used as a parade route when holiday festivals are being conducted in Paris.


As it is located on the Northern Parisian hilltop, the neighborhood region of Montmartre remains to be a quintessential destination in Paris. This is a home to Sacre Coeur Cathedral which offers the city views that are surpassed by the Eiffel Tower. This area rose to prominence as a colony of artists in the 19th Century as a result of artistic movements of impressionism and modernism which was championed by the residents. Due to that, Montmartre has retained most of its traditions and charms and has helped to cater for tourists needs

Top ways to save money on your cruise

Top ways to save money on your cruise

Tensed where to spend your vacations? Cruising on the open sea can be a great way to spend a vacation. To find a good cruise fare is really pretty simple these days as there are lots of cruise travel agencies and you can also get portfolios of different cruise lines.

In spite of the possible cruise discounts you may also keep in mind some important tips to avoid any unwanted expenses and money sucking traps to save money on your cruise.

  1. Don’t use Ship to shore phones

It is natural that anyone gets home sick if he comes to some new place and to remove this home sickness ship to shore phones are available but one thing you must know is that these calls are s expensive about $15/ min. Enough to disturb your budget. So you must avoid extra calls to save money on your cruise.

  1. Avoid Using the Cruise offered Shore Excursions

One more way to save money on your cruise is to do some research and find some excursions packages yourself instead asking the excursion companies as they will tell you about the expensive ones and they know very well how to convince any customer. But by doing this you will avoid many unwanted costs and still will be able to enjoy your trip.

  1. Take advantage of Discounts

If you ask for a discount may be you get one and can save money on your cruise as many cruise lines offer special discounts for military personnel’s, senior citizens, groups, medical emergency technicians, public safety rates for firemen etc.

  1. Book a cruise while on a cruise

You can save a handsome amount of money by booking your next cruise while already on the present cruise and this will also be a profitable deal as you will save money on your cruise n doubt the next one but the key point is you saved money.

  1. Capitalize on Off – Peak hours

Go the spa when the ship is on shore and by which you will be able to get about 50 % discounts on spa and this is no doubt a good deal to save money on your cruise.

  1. Comparison shop while in Port

When on ports cruise line may recommend you some better shops but you must check the other shops as these so called recommended shops are mostly expensive and benefit the cruise line more than they benefit you. And if you listen to the cruise line you will lose the chance to save money on your cruise.

  1. Do not be afraid to bargain

If you belong to a decent family this does not mean that you will not bargain with anyone. If you are on a cruise you must learn to bargain on different things as the amounts are usually higher than the normal rates and you can get discounts by bargaining.


These were the best 7 tips and ways to save money on your cruise travel. Remember, never be afraid of anything. Cruises are expensive, but your bargaining power can make them extraordinary cheap and enjoyable.

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Frankfurt

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Frankfurt

Frankfurt or also known as Mainhattan, a lively German city known best for its banks of the River Main, its humungous airport and having one of the most impressive skylines in all Europe. But the city has a lot more to offer than just an epic panoramic sunset view.

In contrast to your typical German city of wood and stone, Frankfurt is a modern metropolis booming with business, covered with museums and sparkling with nightlife. It’s called Frankfurt am Main or Frankfurt on the river Main and voted as the one of the top ten most livable cities in the world. It has a surprising amount of charm, green space and history tucked in between its towering skyscrapers. It’s also home to Europe’s third largest and one of the busiest airports in the world, FRA. People quite often find themselves here wanting to explore the seamless layers of fun activities such as the finest spas, hot baths, restaurants and shopping centers of the city.

Most of the Frankfurt can be travelled easily through the tram, it is more accessible and economic and you can walk or cycle to places easily. Plus, with the train you get to enjoy the scenic view from the window but do get prepared to walk much. From the sky bar on the roof of Galeria Kaufhof you can see the first magnificent skyline view of the city, the skyline seems more American than European. Most of the main sites are located close to each other making it a perfect weekend city getaway. Frankfurt’s vigor and tradition is best demonstrated in its splendid architecture. The An der Hauptwache standing in the center of the city was completely destroyed among other prominent structures during the Second World War but later rebuilt to its original form. Frankfurt was once, one of the most remarkable medieval European center still nurtures its proud heritage through restoration projects.

Walk on the Eisener Steg, the city’s beloved pedestrian bridge into Frankfurt’s ancient heart, the Romberg. Since the 9th Century this square has seen from fairs, tournaments, firestorms and coronations to even executions. Everywhere across the streets you encounter Frankfurt’s iconic half-timbered houses. Whichever direction you seek on the streets of the city, you will keep stumbling on its historic treasures. Kaiserdom is the imperial cathedral of the German city, erect in all its red-sandstone and golden glory, a stunning specimen of ancient architecture. North of the Hauptwache, people go to admire the symphonic curves of the Frankfurt’s historic opera house or step into the future by visiting the German Fifth Avenue, the Zeil.

Just a few blocks away from the clustered monuments is the perplexing complex of modern art the MMK; a triangular gallery designed as a “slice of cake”. Many history buffs also love to visit the Historical Museum down the river where the chronicles of Frankfurt unfolds in the form of antique charms, trinkets, books and paintings. Frankfurt was also the home to many illustrious figures like Eisheimer, the Goethe Family, Passavant and Henry Nestle.